Propane Mower Incentive Program Renewed

Updated Jan 22, 2013

Perc Mower Incentive Icon 4 CPERC has renewed its Propane Mower Incentive Program into 2013, giving landscape contractors a full year to apply for more than $1 million in incentives toward the purchase of new propane-fueled commercial mowers or propane mower conversion kits.

Applicants accepted into the program receive either $1,000 toward each newly purchased propane-fueled commercial mower or $500 toward qualified mowers converted to run on propane. In return, program participants report to PERC on the equipment’s performance and usage for one mowing season.

Last year, landscape contractors applied for nearly 300 incentives when the program was launched on a limited basis. In 2013, PERC hopes to increase the field of applicants taking advantage of the program with a few new changes.

*   The incentive can now be applied toward up to 25 mowers per applicant (previously 10).

*   Qualifying equipment now includes converted propane commercial mowers with a 36- to 72-inch cutting deck (previously only 60- to 72-inch decks were allowed).

*   Converted mowers now include models with 250 hours of operation (up from last year’s 90-hour limit).

In line with previous guidelines, conversion kits must still meet Environmental Protection Agency or California Air Resources Board emissions requirements and cannot void the original equipment manufacturer’s warranty on the engine.

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