Snow Means Big Business for Some Companies

Updated Jan 25, 2013

Shutterstock 71279125Not all bad weather is bad for business. Some stores and companies in Lynchburg, Virginia, really look forward to winter weather.

Local landscapers and employees of a hardware store told the local ABC 13 station about how snow, for them, shovels in the cash.

“We have been waiting. We’ve been prepared” says Timmy Colbird, Southern Landscaping’s Manager.

“You kind of put it on the back burner. Like last week, we had temperatures in the 70s” he says.

But now, with winter on its way, Southern Landscaping in Evington has readied the plow trucks.

Landscapers typically aren’t swamped with business during the off-season. So come winter, they jump on snow removal.

“We plow, we put down ice melt, rock salt, and calcium or magnesium blends on concrete surfaces” Colbird says.

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– James Gherardi

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