Mower Shop Fixes Mower, Much More

Updated Feb 15, 2013

Shutterstock 118033087Tom Adinolfi is owner of the Mower Shop of Dayton, but he’s also been an auto mechanic, contractor, DJ, nightclub manager, chemical reactor operator, semi-pro hockey player, lifeguard and bouncer.

“I was also a pre-law major in college, but I lost interest in that,” he says.

Now he operates a fast-growing business where he repairs machines large and small.

He employs around seven people during the height of the summer season. He refers to his 10-year-old dog Brady, a German Shepherd, as one of his permanent staff members.

“He’s diabetic, so I started bringing him to work so I could watch his sugar,” he said. “He loves people. People come in just to see him.”

Name: The Mower Shop, 5850 North Main Street, Dayton

What the business does: “We repair small engines and outdoor power equipment from small chainsaws to snow blowers to huge landscaping equipment like commercial mowers,” said Adinolfi.

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By Melissa Dabe

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