Can a Hybrid Cut Your Lawn? Here’s One That Can

Updated Mar 28, 2013

[youtube Fn7p-Mt65ZA nolink]

A Toyota Prius is many things, but a convenient lawn mower isn’t one of them. Useless, right?

Luckily, it is now possible to buy a hybrid lawn mower, known as the Raven MPV-710.

In many ways, a hybrid mower makes sense. After all, if you’re making an effort to be green, you might as well try and cut down on gasoline usage in all your vehicles — even the ones that never hit the streets.

Almost a cross between ATV and mower, the Raven MPV-710 appears to be one of the highest-tech options on the market.

The hybrid tag may put you in mind of a Toyota Prius, but in reality this thing is more like a Chevy Volt – -its electric motor provides the drive, while the single-cylinder 420cc gasoline engine is used to generate the electricity it uses.

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By Antony Ingram 

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