Online reviews could make or break your company

Updated May 18, 2018

Lawn Care Marketing Expert is trying to help landscapers online.

However, it’s more than just updating the website and publishing content on social media. No, it’s what people are saying about you.

We all know that our mother’s always said, “Don’t worry about what others think.” However, and no offense to mom, but she’s wrong when it comes to your business.

Online references are a powerful tool, and the Lawn Care Marketing Expert is trying to make landscapers see that fact.

According to his latest post, in a study conducted by the Wall Street Journal, 92 percent of consumers trust more and have faith in what they read online about your business than what a sales person or even what you tell them.

Slightly less, but still a significant portion of people (72 percent) believe online reviews as trustworthy like personal recommendations from a friend.

You may not care that the shirt you’re wearing doesn’t match anything else on your body, but the appearance and quality of your business matters. Even more than that – it matters to the digital world. A bad reference could make or break your next client walking through the door.

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