Should You Hire New Employees?

Updated Jul 14, 2013

Small business owners across the country deal with many problems, but one that always seems to come back to the table is the question of hiring new employees.

For those small landscaping companies who are thinking about adding to the crew, you may want to get in the know about what other businesses are doing across the country.

Sage, a business-management software company, recently surveyed 973 businesses and found what businesses are doing when it comes to new employees, according to Entrepreneur.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Midsize companies (between 20 and 99 employees) are adding employees compared to the smaller businesses (19 or fewer employees).
  • More than half of the smaller businesses in the survey will keep the same staff through 2013.
  • Only three in 10 businesses that have hired or plan to hire this year are adding part-time employees. 


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