Mulch Matters

Updated Jul 14, 2013

MulchEvery landscaper knows mulching is an extremely vital part of keeping a landscaping in tact and looking healthy.

Mulching this July will be no different than last year, according to The Grand Rapid Press.

With the sweltering sun and the little rain, mulch takes away that “if” factor of watering sometimes.

A Michigan State University research study found a three-inch layer of wood chip mulch reduced midday soil temperature by 18 degrees, the article states.

Organic materials is going to be best bet for most beds including ground bark, ground wood chips or shredded leaves, MSU Forestry and Horticulture professor Bert Cregg told The Press.

Using leaves as ground cover is an easy and cost efficient way to have organic material break down into the soil for spring.

When buying mulch in bulk, look out for wood chips that may look like they have come from diseased trees. It’s also important to spread the mulch evenly and avoid the “volcano effect” around trees.

A landscape is going to reach its full potential if the mulch is not piled high allowing for the fertilizer  to reach the roots of the plants.

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