Get Smart About Saving Water

July is deemed ‘Smart Irrigation Month’ and The Toro Company is helping by offering tips on how to use water wisely.

The Irrigation Association initiated ‘Smart Irrigation Month’ in 2005 and is working with companies, like Toro, to help spread the message of the importance of saving water.

— Know What’s Below. By understanding a lawn’s soil type, you can easily determine how quickly water can be absorbed by the soil and when to stop watering.      

— Aim For The Green Stuff. When setting sprinklers, make sure the water is delivered onto the turf, not driveways, sidewalks, patios or buildings.      

 — Timing Is Everything. Homeowners can lose up to 30 percent of their water to evaporation by running their systems during the day. Avoid wasteful watering by running your sprinklers in the morning, never during the heat of the day.       

— Watch The Weather. If a region has experienced a lot of rain, you may not need to water the lawn. Too much moisture can result in shallow root penetration, weed growth, plant disease and fungus.

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