Fleet’s Safety Key Concern at NexTraq

Updated Jul 23, 2013
Photo: NexTraq.comPhoto: NexTraq.com

NexTraq is putting safety first by offering the complete fleet safety solution for landscapers.

The company has introduced the solution, which includes the NexTraq DriveGuard, Online Driver Education courses and the Driver Safety Scorecard Report.

The solution has come in part of the increasing number of accidents caused by distracted driving and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s ban on cell phone use in commercial motor vehicles.

The DriveGuard option uses a Bluetooth Trigger Unit accompanied by a mobile app on a driver’s cell phone to help keep the driver’s eyes on the road.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the average crash costs an employer $16,500. If a worker has an on-the-job crash, which results injury, the cost can increase to $74,000. If there is a fatality, costs can jump to $500,000.

The Online Driver Education courses help businesses address safety issues.

Because the Governor’s Highway Safety Association reports that 1/3 of fatalities are speeding related, NexTraq has incorporated Speed Alerts and Posted Speed Alerts into the Driver Safety Scorecard Report.

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