Green Wall to Prevent Flooding in London

London Green WallComposed of more than 10,000 ferns and herbaceous plants, this 68-foot green wall is the largest in England. Near Victoria station, the wall will collect rainwater from the roof to sustain the greenery.

Green Wall UKNot only will the wall catch water and eyes, it will also help prevent flooding on this tourist route.

The wall required 16 tons of soil and can store up to 2,641 gallons of water, according to U.K. Mail Online.

“Green infrastructure has a substantial positive impact on the long-term environmental sustainability of an area,” says Ruth Duston, CEO of Victoria BID, to the publication.

Gary Grant of the Green Roof Consultancy, who designed the wall, chose plants such as buttercups, crocuses, strawberries, winter geraniums and spring bulbs to keep the wall blooming all year. The green space should also attract birds, butterflies and bees.

“It will help promote biodiversity and return nature to this urban environment,” says Armando Raish, managing director of Treebox, which installed and will maintain the wall.

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