Netafim Donates ‘Mountain of Morale Boxes’ to U.S. Troops in Afghanistan

Netafim troops ThankMichael Giese, a customer service representative at Netafim USA in Fresno, California, was taken aback when he opened the package from Afghanistan.

Inside was a U.S. flag that had flown over the U.S. military base in Asadabad, Afghanistan.

Giese had lead a company-wide campaign at Netafim to prepare morale packs for troops at Forward Operating Base Wright in Asadabad. His fellow employees and local sponsors gathered more than 350 pounds of snacks, healthcare supplies, books and magazines, sporting goods and notebooks, and packed them in large cartons, which Giese took to the post office.

Along with the supplies, were 80 hand-written letters from students at Easterby Elementary School in Fresno.

The soldiers at FOB Wright expressed their appreciation by sending Giese the U.S. flag with a certificate of authenticity and a thank you photo.

“I’ve been told by friends in the military that this is the ultimate show of honor and respect,” Giese says. “We’ll be displaying the flag and certificate with the dignity they deserve.”

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