Vermeer Intros Dual-Fuel Brush Chipper


Vermeer has introduced a brush chipper with a unique element – a dual-fuel option.

The dual-fuel BC1000XL is a 12-inch capacity brush chipper that can run on gasoline or propane.

When fueled by gasoline, the General Motors 3-liter engine can produce 89 horsepower (66.3 kW) at 3000 rpm; when fueled by propane, the engine achieves 79 horsepower (58.1 kW) at 3000 rpm.

The dual-fuel machine also includes Vermeer’s EcoIdle engine control system.

When the EcoIdle function is selected by the operator, the engine speed automatically lowers to a preset rpm after one or five minutes of inactivity to help reduce fuel consumption when not chipping material.

Featuring a clutchless PTO, the machine also includes a throttle that is integrated with the belt-drive engagement process to ensure that the PTO can only be engaged while the engine idles at low rpm.

It is then able to automatically throttle up to full rpm after the belt drive is fully engaged; through this process, engagement of the cutter drum is obtained only when needed.

The machine has a 12-inch by 17-inch infeed opening and has a four-position feed control bar. The bar is within reach of the operator, allowing him or her to activate the rollers from forward to reverse. Additionally, pushing or pulling the control bar will automatically stop the feed rollers.

SmartFeed technology comes into play when monitoring engine speed and machine throughput.

This feed-sensing control system monitors engine rpm and is able to automatically stop and reverse feed rollers.

Operators have the option of choosing three different droop settings that adjust the rpm to fit specific applications.

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