How To Gain Commercial Contracts

Thinking about switching to or adding commercial contracts?

The transition is a big step for many landscaping companies, and the process can seem daunting.

However, Lawn Care Marketing Expert Andrew Pototschnik has offered a few tips on how to move into the commercial contract sector.

“There are less commercial properties than residential properties in the market place so the number of commercial leads you will generate online will be less,” Pototschnik says in his latest post. “Most commercial lawn accounts are given to lawn care companies that approach the property managers and HOAs.”

They key, Pototschnik says, is finding out how to get to know property managers.
What groups are they apart of? What networking events do they attend? BNI, chamber of commerce? Who do you know at the HOAs? Is there someone that can introduce you? Who do you know that can introduce you.

When it comes to finding commercial accounts, there is a lot of work involved.

Find out what other tips Pototschnik had to offer.

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