How To Maintain Battery Life in Trucks

Photo: Hard Working TrucksPhoto: Hard Working Trucks

The life of a battery can make or break a productive day for landscapers.

There is nothing worse than going to start a truck’s engine just to find out it won’t start because of an unfaithful battery.

Our sister site, Hard Working Trucks, has explained the importance of keeping a battery in good condition.

A battery that is suffering from cell sulfating or poor maintenance will leave you stranded.

Diesel pickups have the advantage over gas ones because they have dual batteries to handle the extra load.

Pickups that use gas can add a dual-battery conversion, which is used as a precaution when the truck’s electrical system is stressed with extra lighting, a winch or other accessories.

As for maintaining batteries, it’s important to keep an eye on a truck’s battery all year long to prevent it failing in cold temperatures.

Proper maintenance includes putting batteries on a special battery charger from time to time or buying what a truck really needs based on quality – not price.

Match the battery to the need and install a replacement with at least the specs of the OE component.

If dual batteries are being used, replace both so the old one does not affect the new one. 

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