Trex Adds Outdoor Lighting to Collection

To add more variety to landscape lighting, Trex Company has introduced Trex Outdoor Lighting.

The already-existing Trex Deck Lighting and the introduced Trex Landscape Lighting both make up the Trex Outdoor Lighting collection.

Available in March, Trex Landscape Lighting features compact designs and may be built into new or existing outdoor living spaces.

The collection includes the following four landscape lighting styles:

  • Well light – Well lights provide illumination for bushes, foliage and small structures. A removable spike keeps the light in place and allows for customization.
  • Path light – Available in two classic designs, path lights brighten walkways with a focused light.
  • Multifunction light – These lights cast a wide glow for highlighting buildings, trees and pathways and allow for a custom look with the 140-degree swivel head.
  • Spotlight – Spotlights use LED technology to shine a bright light through a modest head. When not in use, they’re designed to disappear into their surroundings.

The Trex Outdoor Lighting system utilizes the Trex LightHub installation, and each component comes with both “male” and “female” ends.

Each lighting option operates for up to 40,000 hours of life and the low-voltage lights are weatherproof and salt-air resistant.

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