[Video] Talking with Dire States Tour’s Dan McNichol

Updated Sep 10, 2014


Last September, Case Construction Equipment announced the launch of a national tour designed to increase awareness and identify solutions for America’s infrastructure.

Dan McNichol took off across the country in his 1949 Hudson for the â€śDire States: The Drive to Revive America’s Ailing Infrastructure”.

Our sister pub’s Executive Editor, Tom Jackson, met up with McNichol to talk about what he had seen on his journey.

In the interview, McNichol details how he and his mechanic tweaked the car to make sure it was safe to drive, but otherwise left everything intact.

McNichol visited contractors, engineers, DOT officials and others to find out what people think about our failure to fund make enough money available to repair our roads and bridges. He also visited some of the country’s most impressive ongoing infrastructure projects and interviewed the people building these great projects.

[youtube 9GDAd3wPRsA nolink]

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