Secret to Landscape Success in 3 Words

Updated May 13, 2014
Terry Sims, right, talks with subcontractors about a project.Terry Sims, right, talks with subcontractors about a project.

Can you describe your landscaping success in three words? Terry Sims can. As the owner of The Garden Artist in Boise, Idaho, and a TLC Landscaper of the Year finalist, Sims knows what it takes to be successful. Watch the video to see her tips for success or read her other suggestions below.

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1.    Long-term view. This phrase, which is the company’s mission statement, means they helps drive their commitment to long-term relationships, continuing education, research and development, sustainability and community involvement.
2.    Watch the clock. “Time efficiency is our most valuable asset because however business savvy, no one gets the opportunity to recapture time,” Terry Sims says.
3.    Vendor relationships. “Because we develop long-term relationships, our vendors are familiar with our repeat purchases and keep these items in stock,” Sims says. “We never wait for a shipment unless it’s something we haven’t ordered in the past.”
4.    Above and beyond. They don’t just create well-designed outdoor living areas that clients will enjoy for decades – Sims and her team also include warranties, quarterly touchbacks, quick turnaround on warranty items, phased landscape improvements and annual walk-throughs to access the health of plants. “Our customers are for life and not forgotten after the job is completed,” Sims says.

The Attachments Idea Book
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