Tips to Proper Fence Installation Materials, Benefits

Total FenceTotal Fence

Total Fence has shared a few tips on different fence installation materials, uses and benefits.

“When it comes to installing a fence, there is a lot a consumer needs to think about,” says Tony Defeo, owner of Total Fence. “The reason for installing a fence is the first thing that should be considered. Figuring out the reason for installation will then determine what type of fence is best.”

The most typical reason for installing a fence is to segment an area to designate property lines. However, fences can also be used for practical purposes like security, privacy, an extension of a home or an aesthetic part of a landscaping project.

After logistics are worked out, the material choice comes next.

Wood is a common choice for privacy fencing, but it is also a good choice for picket fences, as well as post and rail fences for larger properties.

Additionally, Defeo adds red cedar, spruce and fir all good choices since they are all strong woods.

“For a completely aesthetic feel, there are different materials that offer a more visual appeal,” Defeo says. “Consider ornamental aluminum and steel fencing, both of which are rust-resistant, relatively inexpensive and fit excellently with landscaping projects.”

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