World’s Tallest Living Wall Features 10,000 Individual Plants

Photo: The Huffington PostPhoto: The Huffington Post


Photo: The Huffington PostPhoto: The Huffington Post

Something new has grown in Vancouver, B.C. and it’s creating quite the buzz.

The world’s tallest living wall has taken root with the help of Green over Grey, a vertical garden design firm.

According to the Huffington Post, this is not Green over Grey’s first great garden feat. The firm debuted North America’s largest outdoor living wall in the Vancouver’s Surrey in 2010.

The 15-story, soil-free wall is located at the headquarters of a Canadian financial services firm.

The garden consists of more than 10,000 individual plants and is 100 feet tall, as well as covers a surface area of 2,139 square feet. Additionally, the garden features 42 plant species including, philodendrons, snake plants, ginger, fig trees and the air pollutant-filtering peace lily.

The garden is built out of Green over Grey’s paneling system made from 1.5 metric tons of recycled water bottles and plastic bags. 

[youtube RM27dIhJ5rA nolink]

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