How to deal with rain delays

Updated Mar 24, 2023

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When the growing season starts out exceptionally wet it can cause project delays and endless rescheduling for almost anyone working outdoors. However, most professional landscapers don’t let rain slow them down. Sometimes, they can work right through.

There are, however, a few circumstances that will keep a landscape crew parked at the shop. High winds create safety concerns with tree work, driving rain saturates turf and causes damage issues with heavy equipment, and the bottom line is that stuff isn’t growing.

Use this downtime to your advantage – have a rain delay plan for yourself and for your crew. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Clean, maintain & inventory – It goes without saying that this would be No. 1 on the list but, take this step to the next level by taking inventory of everything you have. Use your phone’s camera to photograph each machine and document its model and serial number. There are apps that will help you do this making parts ordering or insurance claims much easier in the future.

2. Customer service – When was the last time you visited or called your top clients? Start a conversation, not a sales pitch, and you will be surprised by what you can learn. Clients can reveal everything from a service they need (and you could provide) to how your competitors could be going after your clients.

3. Learn a skill – You can’t build a website in just one rainy day, but you can update your site and social media for your business in a day. Make it easy for customers to see photos of your work, learn why they should hire you, and ultimately call you.

4. Teach a skill – Your crew runs hard in season and taking the time to explain how you want a certain task completed doesn’t always happen. Perhaps it’s loading lawnmowers on a trailer to prevent damage, daily maintenance expectations, or company policy. Bringing a group together to share experiences can uncover everything from safety concerns to business opportunities.

We can’t control the elements, but we can be creative with the downtime it affords. How do you manage a rain delay? is a retailer of parts and equipment for the landscape industry.

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