Landscaping Crew Helps Extinguish Potential Arson Fire in California

Police Car Lights Close UpOne landscaping crew came to the rescue in California recently.

The crew extinguished what police believe to be a purposely set brush fire near an apartment building, according to The Santa Clarita Valley Signal.

Firefighters responded to the call to extinguish the brush fire near the rear of an apartment building.

“There was a landscaping crew in the area,” Los Angeles County Fire Department Capt. Chris Arvizu told the Signal. “And they happened to see that fire. So they got their sprinkler and picked up the open end of a one-inch pipe and put it out.”

Because of the crew’s quick response, the fire only burned an area of about 50 square feet.

The arson suspect was last seen running up a hill near the area of the fire, according to police, and the fire is still under investigation.

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