Kickstarter Device Uses Sensors, Weather to Monitor Irrigation

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For those landscapers on the brink of new technology, here’s one to add to the lineup.

Launched on Kickstarter, Hydros is a device to help create the most optimal watering schedule for lawns based on sensors in the ground and the weather forecast.

Hydros can determine how to water the lawn by formulating the duration and frequency of when sprinklers need to run based on the type and conditions of the grass and soil, as well as the weather forecast.

However, Hydros can also constantly take measurements during the day to check for weather updates and its sensor readings to update the schedule.

Each sensor is associated with one to multiple zones to cater to multiple types of grass, plants or soil in the landscape.

The sensors work underground, sticking up ½ inch from the ground, which allows a lawnmower to go over without any problems.


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