Tips for reseeding aging lawns

Updated Sep 13, 2021

Shutterstock 140536009As lawns grow older, they might need to be rejuvenated, replaced or reseeded to help survive.

Reseeding is an easy way for landscapers to help bring a thinning lawn back to life.

To help, The Grounds Guys put together a few tips on reseeding that can help an old lawn look like new.

  • Pick the best time to reseed the lawn. The fall is a good time to reseed because the soil is still warm, but the temperatures are cooler.
  • Get rid of the dead stuff. Using a rake, remove all old clippings and dead grass or weeds before reseeding. If you have trouble spots, remove them or treat them before reseeding.
  • Nourish the soil. Have the soil analyzed to help determine what nutrients and conditioners may need to be added to the soil. Then, rake a thin layer of the recommended enriched soil and fertilizer onto the lawn before reseeding.
  • Level out the land. Loosen the soil and make sure the lawn is even for best reseeding and to avoid pooling of water and seeds. Aerate or power rake the lawn.
  • Select a seed that will grow best, depending on the region, shade, sunlight and foot traffic on the lawn. Choose a high-quality seed that is 99.9 percent weed free to prevent weed issues in the future. To save money, purchase the seed in bulk, but avoid overseeding the lawn. Extra seed may actually lower the germination rate of the seeds.
  • Spread the seed evenly onto a prepared lawn by following the seed instructions carefully. Try mixing the seeds with sand to increase their chance of taking root.
  • Keep the new seeds moist for best germination. During the first few days, water generously, and then reduce watering to a normal watering routine. Avoid watering too much because you risk washing the seeds away.


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