Little Wonder Intros Line of Leaf, Debris Truck Loaders

Updated Oct 9, 2014

35 Hp Lwm Truck Loader Studio

To help with fall maintenance, Little Wonder has introduced a line of leaf and debris truck loaders.

The Monster TruckLoader Line produces a debris-shredding ratio of 15 to one.

The machines feature a four-blade, all-steel impeller with shredding teeth at all three debris touch points of the blade. This allows operators to fit more in the truck and clear more properties between offloads.

Models & Mounts (skids and trailers are factory mounted):

  • 18 horsepower Briggs & Stratton Vanguard Skid or Skid w/Swing-Away Hitch
  • 29 horsepower Briggs & Stratton Vanguard Skid or Trailer
  • 35 horsepower Briggs & Stratton Vanguard Skid or Trailer
  • 36 horsepower Yanmar Diesel Skid or Trailer

Tow-Behind Trailer Features:

  • Road Ready
  • Torflex axles
  • Adjustable drawbar, swivel jack and stabilizer leg
  • Pre-wired and recessed tail lights
  • Built-in tool rack

The breakdown:

  • Four steel blades teethed on three sides
     â€“ 15 to 1 debris reduction ratio
  • Taper Lock Hub 

Square stack design:

  • Forces airflow to the corners to keep debris moving through the stack and chute
  • Stack gaskets seal in air and debris moisture for uninterrupted airflow and a clean machine

Steel construction:

  • Impeller, housing and housing liners
  • Engine cradle and deck
  • Stack and chute 

Intake hose:

  • 10-foot long with wide diameter for increased volume
  • Flexible and durable urethane hose
  • Comfort grip nozzle handle

Optional accessories:

  • Light Kit – dual LED lights mountable to the stack
  • Safety Kit – two safety cones and set of wheel chocks (with mounting brackets for trailer units)

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