LED Light Balloon Can Light Jobsites for 100,000 Hours

4000watt Generator Start8:12 Illumination launched an energy-efficient LED light balloon.

The LED balloon is available in 200-Watt and 400-Watt models and offers a low amp draw

Available in 200-Watt and 400-Watt models and offering a low amp draw (the 200W version pulling just 2.5 amps of power.

Both the 200W and 400W models can be powered off a 110 outlet or a small solar panel or battery pack for remote locations.

The balloons are also glare-free, fire-resistant, waterproof and UV-resistant. In addition, the LED cells in the new models last 100,000 hours on average and upwards of 120,000 hours. The low amp draw also allows an inverter to be used instead of a generator, or two lights to run off of a single 1kW generator.

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