[Video/Photos] Up-Close Look at Kubota’s Skid Steers

Updated Oct 28, 2014

Kubota Skid Steers in NashvilleKubota unveiled its first skid steers during the annual dealer event in Nashville, Tennessee, last week.

The SSV 65 and SSV 75 skid steers are both vertical-lift machines and will be available in May or June of 2015.

The SSV 65 has 64 horsepower, a 1,950-pound rated operating capacity and 4,839 pound-force bucket breakout force.

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The SSV 75 has 74.3 horsepower, a 2,630-pound rated operating capacity and 5,884 pound-force bucket breakout force.

Both models have sliding front doors, which allow for entry/exit regardless of the loader position (for difficult situations). The skid steers have Tier 4 Final engines. Two-speed travel comes standard.

[youtube tUvyU6i4DMI&feature=youtu.be nolink]

Check out more photos of the equipment in this slideshow.

SSV 75 Skid Steer A Kubota Dealer Operates The New Skid Steer Both Skid Steer Models Will Be Available Next Summer  
The Skid Steers Are Vertical Lift  Kubota's Skid Steers Have Roll Up Doors   Kubota Dealers Operated The Equipment During Muddy Conditions In Nashville, Tennessee  
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