Kawasaki to Debut FS730V Electronic Fuel Injected Engine at GIE+EXPO

Untitled1The Engine Division of Kawasaki Motors Corp. is set for GIE+EXPO and is ready to debut an array of Electronic Fuel Injected engines.

This latest Kawasaki powerplant, the FS730V, harnesses the advanced aspects of EFI technology now available in a package.       

The company’s horsepower certification process lists the FS730V at 25.5 horsepower. 

Kawasaki’s engineering field tests generated data showing almost no engine speed loss or reduction in blade tip speed across the entire load range. 

Additionally, the engine features v-valve technology and hemispherical heads and pistons for power and performance.

It’s ECU-controlled automatic cold start enrichment process eliminates choke, the head temperature monitoring helps prevent over-heating, and the ECU-controlled ignition coil timing process both retards spark for easing start-up and advances spark for maximum power at full throttle. 

The new FS730V will be on display at GIE in Kawasaki’s indoor display in booth #1064 as well as the company’s outdoor display in booth #7422D.

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