Best practices: How to think like your clients

Updated Nov 12, 2018

How To Think Like Your Clients Tlc

If you want to not just get new landscaping customers, but to keep them over the long haul, one good way to do so is to think like your customer. Putting yourself in your customers’ shoes can help you establish your successful landscaping business.

Here are some tips on how to do just that:

Be reliable

Customers want to hire landscapers who come on time, do what they say they are going to do, who continue to show up to get the job done over time, and who offer a reliable price. Simply doing that will set you apart from others in the field who may show up late – or not at all.

Be the type of reliable business person who your customers can count on. And if there is something that your customer may not be happy with in their landscaping job – perhaps they don’t like the way you trimmed their hedges – do your best to fix the job so that they are satisfied.

Help your customer be a good neighbor

As much as it might help you to get your job done quickly to use the leaf blower at 8 a.m. on a Saturday morning, don’t. Chances are, your customer does not want to tick off his or her neighbors by being the homeowner who has the noisy landscaper ruining everyone else’s rest on the weekend.

Also, follow the classic camping rule to leave a place better than you found it – do not leave tree branches or clippings around for somebody else to clean up; take care of it yourself. Make sure that your employees watch their voices and behavior, and are considerate of your customers’ neighbors. Having you and your staff be courteous will not only make your customers happy; it could result in new customers who see you acting like the professional they would want.

Help your customer keep up with the latest trends

Many customers these days are staying close to home, and want their yards to serve as the place for their staycations, so keeping up with the latest designs in backyard landscaping can make your customers very happy and keep coming back.

Helping your customer with everything from hedges, flowers and plants that set a mood to picking out outdoor furniture that can be as comfortable as indoor furniture to coming up with a design for their yards that sets a mood all can be part of your landscaping plans. Other customers may want more of a traditional yard, but with a few modern touches for their family. At any rate, keeping up with trends – and knowing what will work best for your customers – can help keep them happy.

Don’t forget the power of social media to make or break your business

Nowadays, customers spend more time on social media than ever, documenting events both large and small in their lives. It is important to understand that about your customers. So you had better believe that they will be documenting the job you will be doing with their landscaping.

The bad thing is that if they are unhappy, others will know it. The good thing, though, is that if they are happy with the way you created that children’s playscape in your yard, or the way you designed the greenery on their patio, they will share that as well. And this can help you get even more customers. One national company that has caused a stir and has quickly become renowned for their high quality of customer satisfaction over the years is Lawn Doctor. The influx of positive feedback from their customers on social media has helped establish them as major contributors throughout the landscaping industry.

Another thing you might want to consider is taking pictures on your own of your work to share on social media, so that potential customers can see what kind of work you do.

Remember the wow factor

Customers want to be wowed. If any of the things we mention can give them that feeling of enchantment – from having imposing shrubbery and a well-manicured lawn around their homes, to a yard that makes them feel like they are having a spa day every day, why not go the extra mile to give them that wow factor? From hardscape to landscape, doing quality work – and taking care to listen to what they want in order to wow them — will make your customers feel special.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Information provided by Lawn Doctor

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