5 ways to get landscapes ready for winter

Updated Dec 1, 2023
Photo: Grasshopper LawnsPhoto: Grasshopper Lawns

Preparing a lawn for cold weather is not as easy as plowing the driveway.

In fact, there are a lot of things landscapers need to keep in mind to keep clients happy.

Grasshopper Lawns has provided these landscaping tips:

Prune hedges, shrubs and trees
Making sure trees are properly pruned before inclement winter weather will prevent damage to property and landscape.

Add berry bushes to add color and attract birds
Adding berry bushes and plants to gardens will spruce up the color of landscapes. Plants like crabapples and red-twig dogwood will have berries during the fall and winter.

Add outdoor furniture to lawns
Focusing on hardscapes is a great way to improve the look of yards in all seasons. Adding a bench or a sculpture might make a huge difference in an otherwise unfilled area.

Clear plants and bushes from excess snow to prevent damage
Clearing plants from excess snow is very important. These plants can become damaged from the weight of the snow, but take care to brush the snow off carefully. If there is ice on tree limbs, leave it alone, you don’t want to break any limbs or boughs.

Remove leaves from lawn, fertilize and do a final mowing
Don’t forget about the lawn. To prepare the lawn for the winter months ahead, clean the leaves up and fertilize. Fertilizing in the fall will help the roots survive hibernation and wake up quickly in the spring. You should also do a final mowing at 2-inches high. This will help prevent snow mold diseases that could devastate the lawn going into the spring.

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