Landscape professionals advocate for H-2B program

shutterstock_264002612Landscape professionals and state and national organizations gathered on Capitol Hill April 15 to advocate for the H-2B program by talking with law makers about the importance of the immigrant workforce.

The H2B program limits temporary seasonal immigrant labor by capping visas at 66,000, a limit that threatens many small businesses, including landscapers.

“This issue is bigger than any one company or any one state or any one locality,” said Dominick Mondi, Executive Director of the New Jersey Nursery and Landscape Association on a YouTube video posted by the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP). If we “can’t organize and work together, we’re not going to be able to affect change,” he says.

“We are here because of the H2B situation. Many of our members did not get their visas this year. Other members have got their visas, but realize that the program is in jeopardy,” said Sandy Munley with the Ohio Landscape Association.

Labor Consultants International has a timeline of events affecting H-2B since 2008.

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