New book explores diverse, layered landscapes


Following his popular “Bringing Home Nature,” Douglas Tallamy has co-authored a new book with Rick Darke, “The Living Landscape: Designing for Beauty and Biodiversity in the Home Garden.

Kathy Van Mullekon, who reviewed the book in the Duluth New Tribune, wrote, “’The Living Landscape” is not about native plants, although it certainly includes them. Instead, it’s lesson in the layers of wild landscapes and how they can be incorporated into urban living.”

Going beyond simple gardening tips, the book appeals to home gardeners as well as professional landscapers. As reviewer Ginger Woolridge wrote, “I trained as a landscape architect and have been frustrated by the gap between conservation theory at the university level and practical applications that could be helpful to the homeowner who desires a healthy landscape.”

Other reviews include:

  • “This is a book that every designer and homeowner has been waiting for.” (Garden Design Online)
  • “This thoughtful, intelligent book is all about connectivity, addressing a natural world in which we are the primary influence.” (New York Times Book Review)

Tallamy is Professor and Chair of Entomology and Wildlife Ecology at the University of Delaware. Darke heads Rick Darke LLC , a Pennsylvania USA-based consulting firm specializing in landscape ethics, photography, and contextual design.

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