Free infographic shows how landscaping can save energy


A large part of a landscaper’s job involves educating clients on the benefits of a well-designed landscape: from increasing a home’s value, to conserving water, creating a habitat for birds and increasing the enjoyment of outdoor spaces.

The United States Department of Energy provides a free infographic about how landscaping can save energy and lower homeowners’ bills. Energy Saver 101 explains microclimates in layman’s terms and shows how landscaping elements can help keep homes cool or warm while using less energy.

“On average, a well-designed landscape saves enough money to pay for itself in less than eight years,” says the publication. These savings are seen through lower maintenance, reduced water use, cuts in heating and cooling costs, less noise and air pollution and protection of homes from cold winter wind and hot summer sun.

Available for download at, the infographic can be inserted into clients’ bills or with a regular newsletter.

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