Drought-stricken lawns go from brown to green with a coat of paint

Photo: USA Today.Photo: USA Today.

Removing their lawns may not be the only option for California homeowners facing an epic draught and resulting water use restrictions. Companies throughout the state are offering lawn painting services, where non-toxic, biodegradable paint is sprayed on dormant grass in order to achieve a lush, green appearance.

Turf painting has been used by golf courses for several years, but its use in residential applications has been growing in response to California Governor Jerry Brown’s April 1 call for the state to reduce urban water usage by 25 percent.

Jeff Bonadiman, owner of Bonadiman Construction in Redlands, California, recently started offering lawn painting to clients. The service includes cutting and edging the lawn and spraying it, for which Bonadiman charges 25 cents a square foot. Bonadiman told the San Bernadino County Sun that the paint can last up to three months, and sprinklers or rain will not wash it off once it is dry. “You can walk on it,” Bonadiman said. “It’s really versatile and it looks great.”

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