SeaScape Lawn Care becomes Rhode Island’s first Green Certified Landscaping Company

dem-certified-980x370The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (DEM) has recognized SeaScape Lawn Care as the state’s first Green Certified Landscaping Company, citing the firm’s commitment to environmentally safe turf management. Based in Coventry, Rhode Island, SeaScape began offering lawn-care services in 1989 and has expanded to include plant health care, full-service tree work, pest control, commercial property landscape management and Christmas lighting.

To become a Rhode Island DEM-certified sustainable turf management landscaping facility, SeaScape Lawn Care completed an extensive checklist of Best Management Practices covering a range of activities that focus on efficient turf management and water conservation, including chemical use, waste management, chemical safety and mowing.

Becoming a Green Certified Landscaping Company begins with practicing pollution prevention by reducing the sources of pollution. SeaScape managers say the company accomplished that primarily through the use of enhanced efficiency fertilizers.

“These new products have taken slow-release fertilizer to the next level,” said Jim Wilkinson, president of SeaScape Lawn Care. In a news release on the state recognition, Wilkinson says his company has “dramatically reduced the amount of fertilizer that could run off, leach and volatilize. Because of this, the fertilizer stays in place, and the turf grass is then better able to use the fertilizer. In all, this means that there is far less waste that could move offsite and negatively affect the environment.”

In addition to using green safe practices in its own work, SeaScape Lawn Care also educates its customers on how they can do the same.

“We are constantly educating the homeowner about watering and mowing their lawn,” Wilkinson said. “This enables us to provide a quality lawn with fewer inputs, which means less fertilizer, less weed control and less pesticide.”

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