Cadman launches 1000 Series mini irrigation water reels

The “iWater” Mini controller is visible on the side of the traveler.The “iWater” Mini controller is visible on the side of the traveler.

Cadman Power Equipment is introducing a line of mini irrigation travelers, or water reels. The company says its experience in designing and manufacturing large travelers for agricultural settings was put to good use in developing the new products, ensuring the smaller versions are engineered to be rugged as well as sleek.

“From wastewater disposal to residential landscaping, the Cadman minis can do any irrigation job that our larger travelers do,” says Craig Cadman, vice president of operations at Cadman Power Equipment.

“They are elegantly simple in their design,” he said. “Water never touches any moving parts; and ‘iWater’ technology makes them easy to use and greatly improves irrigation accuracy over our competitors’ models.”

The “iWater” Mini controller is simple to use, Cadman says, and is coupled with an electric drive system for extremely accurate delivery of water.

The electric motor drive does not rely on water pressure to retrieve the hose, reducing the need for high pressure at the inlet. Retrieve rates can be set as low as 1 inch per minute and as high as 130 inches per minute regardless of flow rate or available pressure.

Cadman says the “iWater” computer does all the work. The user only needs to pull out the hose, tell the computer what retrieve rate to use, engage the clutch and walk away.

Cadman Power Equipment says it is the first manufacturer to produce a computer-controlled mini machine with accurate speed compensation.

The minis are available through Cadman dealers or at

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