Sheriff’s fiery post leads to recovery of landscape trucks

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Updated Jan 25, 2016
The trucks were hot-wired by the thieves, resulting in electrical damage to the engines.The trucks were hot-wired by the thieves, resulting in electrical damage to the engines.

A Georgia sheriff’s fiery Facebook post about stolen landscape trucks led to the trucks’ timely recovery.

Last week, Oconee County Sheriff Scott Berry posted on Facebook that three box trucks and six zero-turn mowers had been stolen a few hours earlier that morning from a landscape company near Athens.

“Allow me to editorialize,” Berry says in his post. “These thieving bastards put a lot of good people out of work and cost good folks a lot of money. If you know who did this, call us. There is a $6,000 cash money (reward) to the first person who rats ’em out.”

Folks who follow the sheriff’s Facebook page didn’t waste time. Berry’s alert, which included a picture of one of the trucks, was shared 1,285 times and garnered 530 likes.

According to, the sheriff’s post was read by someone who reported seeing the cab-over trucks parked near the Georgia International Horsepark in Conyers, which is about 30 miles southwest from where they had been stolen in Watkinsville.

Deputies who recovered the trucks said they had been hot-wired and that their electrical systems had been damaged as a result. The sheriff’s office posted a follow-up message about four hours after the initial post that the trucks had been found.

No arrests were reported and it’s unclear if the tipster received the $6,000 reward.

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