John Deere: 5 tips on caring for your equipment in winter

Updated Jan 22, 2018
Off-season maintenance will ensure you’re ready to roll come springtime. Photo: John DeereOff-season maintenance will ensure you’re ready to roll come springtime.
Photo: John Deere

While some landscape contractors are busy with snow and ice removal at this time of year, companies focused primarily on landscape maintenance are probably in the midst of some downtime.

John Deere wants to be the first to remind you that spring is around the corner and offers the following tips for ensuring you’ll be ready for the first mow of the new year:

1. Clean your machines

Before storing your equipment, give your machines a good wash to remove any buildup or debris, which can be damaging if left untouched for several weeks. As you’re cleaning, look for any chips or scratches and repair as necessary. Your machine will be spotless and ready to go when spring arrives.

2. Give your machine a tune-up

Winter downtime provides a great opportunity to perform necessary maintenance, whether it is routine or a machine repair that will lead to downtime. Give your machine a once over, checking to ensure there are no missing nuts and bolts and for any loose or worn parts.

3. Pay attention to the tires

Give tires a once over. Winter weather can affect tire pressure, particularly if machines have been stored for months. Check the tire pressure and examine treads for wear. Replace tires if necessary.

4. Pay attention to your mower deck

It is important to pay attention to your mower deck and blade, as the longevity of your machine is dependent on the upkeep of these parts. Check your blade for dullness and corrosion. Sharpen the blade if it is dull, and replace any blades that have logged too many hours. Check the mower belt to ensure it is taut and in good condition; replace it if damaged.

5. Evaluate your fleet

Examine your mower fleet, as well as your business, and consider what you may need for the next season. Audit your equipment and note any aged equipment that may need to be replaced. Also, consider your business growth and any machines you may need to bolster your fleet. Connect with your dealer, who can assist you in determining what equipment you need and guide you through the purchasing process.

Spring will be here in no time. By taking advantage of the off-season to prepare the equipment and business, professional landscape contractors will be ready to roll when it arrives.

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