BioSafe Systems partnership will boost Midwest distribution

Updated Feb 12, 2016

BioSafe Systems, a producer of pest and disease control products for the landscaping and horticultural industries, among others, has entered a strategic partnership with Leader Logistics Group.

Before year’s end, Coldwater, Michigan-based Leader Logistics will begin manufacturing, warehousing and shipping products 2016v2 biosafe systems stackedfor BioSafe Systems throughout the Midwest. BioSafe Systems is headquartered in East Hartford, Connecticut.

“This partnership with Leader Logistics allows BioSafe Systems to produce products closer to our customer base within the Midwest region and take advantage of Leader Logistics’ location and logistical capabilities within the Midwest market …,” said Rob Larose, chief executive of BioSafe Systems.

Leader Logistics will be manufacturing, packaging, warehousing and providing fulfillment services for the complete line of BioSafe Systems products, including its flagship product for the horticultural industry, ZeroTol. BioSafe says its disease control solutions use “reduced-risk chemistries” that pose no threat to humans or the environment.

Leader Logistics will also serve as a just-in-time provider of all of BioSafe Systems’ crop protection products for both pre-harvest and post-harvest applications, as well as its other insecticides, herbicides and plant improvement products.

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