Landscaper changes firm’s name to reflect hardscape focus

Hinkle Hardscapes likes to distinguish itself from other landscaping companies by focusing on installing hardscapes. Photo: Hinkle HardscapesHinkle Hardscapes likes to distinguish itself from other landscaping companies by focusing on installing hardscapes.
Photo: Hinkle Hardscapes

K.C. Lawn & Landscaping has shifted its focus to hardscaping and is now known as Hinkle Hardscapes.

The company has served Kansas City, Missouri, since 2007 and boasts of having over 3,500 clients in the area. The business started as a landscape design and lawn maintenance company and added hardscaping as a service later on.

As time passed, K.C. Lawn & Landscaping employees became extensively trained in hardscaping. The company’s management realized employees’ passion for hardscaping, coupled with their increasing skills, would enable the company to become one of the most diversified hardscaping services in Kansas City.

hinkle-hardscape-white-logoK.C. Lawn & Landscaping began to move away from landscaping alone. Today, it only offers landscaping services in conjunction with hardscaping projects. The company now specializes in building outdoor living spaces, fire pits, retaining walls, patios and other hardscape features.
When the team noticed that many potential clients were confused by their name when they no longer offered lawn services, it was decided the name “K.C. Lawn & Landscaping” no longer suited them.

The new name simply combines the surname of company owner Zack Hinkle with the new focus of the business. The switch to Hinkle Hardscapes also provided an opportunity for a complete rebranding of the company and its website.

From now on, Hinkle Hardscapes plans to use the “processes of a white collar business to operate within a blue collar industry,” a company spokesman says.

The system that potential clients go through now is completely automated. The calls are entered into CRM software, which sends reminders for home visits and follow-up emails.

When a decision is made about a project, an automated system orders the needed supplies and customers can make payments online.

According to Hinkle Hardscapes, this automation has eliminated the possibility of human error and enables its employees to focus on providing quality hardscaping for Kansas City and the surrounding areas.

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