DPL Telematics updates its vehicle tracking system

The Trackall OBDII is a wireless and remote GPS tracking unit for fleet managers. Photo: DPL TelematicsThe Trackall OBDII is a wireless and remote GPS tracking unit for fleet managers.
Photo: DPL Telematics

DPL Telematics has added new features to the Trackall OBDII Vehicle Tracking System, including an internal backup battery and anti-tampering technology.

The Trackall OBDII is a wireless GPS tracking unit that allows managers to oversee their fleets via a software package and mobile app. According to DPL Telematics, the system can be installed by anyone in a matter of seconds.

Trackall OBDII produces a daily driver log of activity by reporting events such as steering wheel turns, ignition and time intervals.

“The resulting visibility powers intelligent, real-time fleet management decisions for superior dispatching, less wasted driver time and faster dispute resolution,” the company says.

The anti-tamper technology will send out an immediate notification and location if the Trackall OBDII is removed from its port and it will use the internal battery to continue to track for several hours. If the GPS is jammed, the system will self-correct when this occurs.

DPL Telematics says fleet managers can access a vehicle’s pressures, temperatures and fault codes from any device connected to the Internet so they can run diagnostics remotely.

Other data that the OBDII collects includes mileage, engine runtime hours, idling hours, RPM, fuel level and fuel remaining. Aside from promoting better productivity, the Trackall system also monitors air-bag deployments, driving without a seatbelt, harsh braking, rapid acceleration, and speeding so the fleet manager is aware of any unsafe driving behaviors.

According to DPL Telematics, theft and unauthorized use of the vehicles can be reduced also by setting customer configured movement, tow and curfew parameters.

“The Trackall OBDII is the premiere ‘plug and play’ GPS tracking solution available,” said Tony Nicoletti, director of strategy and business development at DPL Telematics. “Its simple installation could be construed as a weakness or driver temptation, thus the unit is carefully protected by powerful anti-tamper technologies …”

DPL Telematics says it has more than 16 years of experience in advanced asset monitoring and telemetry technologies.

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