Here’s a handy schedule for maintaining commercial mowers

Photo: John DeerePhoto: John Deere

As spring turns rapidly into summer, your crews already have lawns aplenty to be mowing.

If you want to make sure your company keeps enjoying this busy season, preventive maintenance is crucial. By remembering regular service intervals, you’re saving yourself from having to go buy a new piece of equipment to replace one that wasn’t cared for properly.

John Deere provides the following breakdown on the service that needs to be done at various time intervals:

New mower

  • After 8 hours of using your new machine, stop to check and tighten the wheel hardware. Change the engine oil and filter as well.
  • After the first 300 hours, change the transmission oil and the filter.

Every 50 hours

  • Take 10 minutes to lubricate the deck components.

Every 100 hours

  • Check the driving belt tension and the mower deck drive belt. Change the engine oil and filter.

Every 200 hours

  • Now’s the time to replace the primary air cleaner element and the fuel filter for non-EFI models. Inspect the secondary air cleaner element as well.

Every 300 hours

  • Check and adjust valve clearance.

Every 500 hours

  • Change the transmission oil and filter. Lubricate the front caster wheel pivots and check torque on ROPS hardware.

Every 1,000 hours

  • Time to replace the fuel filter and spark plugs.
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