Landscaper decides not to charge deployed soldier’s family

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Kenny MedinaKenny Medina

One landscaper has decided to give back to a soldier currently in Afghanistan by waiving his landscaping fees until he returns.

Kenny Medina serves in the Army and is currently on his second deployment, which will last for about a year. The husband and father of two is also a detective for the Hartford Police Department when he is not deployed overseas.

“He is a nurse in a forward surgical team that was recently deployed to Afghanistan,” his wife, Brooke, told Fox 61. “Kenny’s a very selfless man, he is always wanting to do for others, he’s always wanting to help others.”

While Medina was mostly concerned about leaving his family, he also wanted to leave his lawn in good shape so he hired GT Landscaping to take care of the yard maintenance in his absence.

In the wake of the Dallas police shooting, Brooke received $140 invoice in the mail, but the letter on the back was what lifted her spirits.

Greg Tucker, owner of GT Landscaping, wrote, “I decided there was going to be no charge for taking care of you yard while Kenny is gone.”

In an effort to show his gratitude for the soldier’s service, Tucker will care for the Medina’s yard free of charge until he returns.

“Me mowing the lawn is really nothing at all in comparison to what Kenny and his family are doing,” he said. “It’s just something nice to do for our veterans and Kenny’s also a Hartford Police officer, he’s a nurse, he’s a soldier, and I don’t know what better person you could try to help out.”

Tucker acknowledges that it doesn’t take much to express one’s appreciation to those who serve.

“I get to see my children every day,” Tucker said. “He doesn’t get to do that. It’s just the right thing to do. Who knows maybe it will kick-start some chain reaction where everybody helps out a veteran. I’m sure there are plenty out there.”

For those who are interested in offering their landscaping services to the families of currently deployed military service members, Project EverGreen coordinates GreenCare for Troops, which connects volunteer contractors with military families and veterans in need.

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