Graham Spray Equipment unveils 2 new lawn-spray units

Graham Spray Equipment was determined to get its message across with this trade-show display.Graham Spray Equipment was determined to get its message across with this trade-show display.

Graham Spray Equipment had an attractive message for lawn-care professionals at GIE+EXPO: The addition of robust spraying capabilities represents a lucrative source of new revenue for your business.

At last week’s huge landscaping trade show in Louisville, Kentucky, and earlier at the Deep South Turf Expo in Biloxi, Mississippi, Graham Spray Equipment rolled out its new 600-gallon spray rig and 300-gallon compact unit. The company says the new products are designed to meet the needs of lawn-care businesses that don’t need all of the capacity and features of Graham’s full-scale 600- and 300-gallon spray units.

By tailoring each of the units specifically to lawn-care applications, Graham says, it now offers a cost-effective product to a key segment of the spray industry. The new 600-gallon spray rig, consisting of the spray equipment and Isuzu truck, retails for $49,900. The 300-gallon compact unit, which fits a three-quarter ton pick-up truck and includes wheel-well cutouts, retails for $6,775.

“Some companies and independent guys who want to spray lawns don’t need all the capacity and features required for larger-scale turf, tree and agriculture applications,” said Graham owner Dick Bare, himself a veteran of the lawn-care industry.

For more details on the latest addition to Graham Spray Equipment’s product line, visit the company’s website here.

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