SnowWolf says nothing can match performance of QuattroPlow

Updated Nov 4, 2016
SnowWolf’s new QuattroPlow combines four functions into one attachment with no extra harnesses or controllers. Photo: SnowWolfSnowWolf’s new QuattroPlow combines four functions into one attachment with no extra harnesses or controllers.
Photo: SnowWolf

SnowWolf says its new QuattroPlow gives operators the power to tackle four distinct functions with one piece of equipment. What’s more, they can do it without leaving the cab or even pushing a button, the company says, and no extra electric harnesses or controllers are required in the machine.

They can also set the plow for a fifth function in 60 seconds or less by leaving the cab to reposition the wing cylinders.

SnowWolf’s director and general manager, Mark Holman, said the QuattroPlow saves snow removal contractors time and effort because they do not need to connect or remove attachments between functions.

“Operators can move more snow to the right places in the same time or less with a QuattroPlow,” Holman said. “This four-in-one equipment delivers greater capacity, efficiency, flexibility and maneuverability in everything from tight driveways to massive parking lots. It’s simply four times the plow or pusher of anything out there right now.”

The QuattroPlow’s wings rotate 165 degrees to make it a high-capacity hydraulic snow pusher when they are all the way forward. When they’re all the way back, it is an efficient straight or angle plow with wings, or backdrag plow with significant containment and down pressure.

The fifth function, wide angle plowing, can be achieved in one minute or less by repositioning the wing cylinders on each side of the plow so the wings will only rotate back by 90 degrees. This extends the plow by 23 inches on each end for even greater capacity when straight and angle plowing.

For example, an 8½-foot QuattroPlow with the wings in the wide-angle position will be 12 feet, 2 inches wide. Operators who seldom or never need backdragging containment can still boost their productivity with a QuattroPlow because they get a combination snow pusher and wide angle snowplow for maximum performance in wide open parking lots.

SnowWolf also incorporated 35-degree-angle tips on the QuattroPlow’s wings to provide greater carrying capacity while minimizing windrows caused by trickling from the ends of the plow, regardless of the direction the machine is moving.

Jerry Holman, SnowWolf president and product development manager, said the QuattroPlow’s strength is in its simplicity. For example, a smart valve, which is a new type of hydraulic valve that SnowWolf designed and patented, gives operators complete control of the wings without removing their hands from the steering controls.

“In a skid steer, you’re handling multiple functions already – forward, reverse, turning, running the auxiliary circuit and boom lifting, lowering and tilting,” Jerry Holman said. “It’s inefficient to reach over to a switch box on the side of the cab to move the wings. The QuattroPlow eliminates that problem.”

In the backdrag position, the QuattroPlow carries significantly more snow than an angle plow alone, SnowWolf says.

According to the manufacturer, the QuattroPlow combines and improves upon the ingenuity of two prior SnowWolf innovations, the FastTach and WolfWings.

The FastTach is a box pusher attachment that can be attached or detached in less than five seconds. The QuattroPlow offers several advantages over the FastTach or other box pusher attachments. First, there is no need to attach or detach; the wings stay with the QuattroPlow at all times and can be moved to form a box pusher at any time. Second, in the snow pusher position, the QuattroPlow’s angled wings add 9 inches to the blade on each side for greater capacity than a box pusher with straight wings. Finally, whereas a box pusher’s wings are always forward, operators can move the QuattroPlow’s wings backward to the backdrag position to create a reverse box pusher.

WolfWings are curved attachments for straight plows that provide maximum containment and snow rolling efficiency. A plow with WolfWings provides 43 percent more efficiency than a snow pusher, and 30 percent more productivity than a standard angle plow, SnowWolf says.

The advantage of the QuattroPlow over WolfWings is that operators can use the wings when they need them for angle plowing, while also adding the functionality of a high-capacity snow pusher and backdrag plow.

“There is no scenario I can think of where you’d be better off using something other than the QuattroPlow,” Jerry Holman said. “Since this unit has the WolfWings built in, and it backdrags more snow than a standard angle plow, and because it pushes far more snow than a standard angle plow, I’d say it’s for everyone who plows snow.”

The QuattroPlow is available in widths of 8½ to 12½ feet when the wings are in the snow pusher position. SnowWolf says the snowplow is ideal for machines that weigh 6,000-14,000 pounds, such as skid steers, compact wheel loaders and tractors with loaders.

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