Product roundup: Nufarm touts Celero Herbicide’s benefits

Nufarm says it knows what callbacks can do to a lawn-care company’s bottom line and points to Valent U.S.A.’s Celero Herbicide as the answer to weed break-though. Nufarm is the exclusive distributor of Valent U.S.A. Corp. products for professional turf, ornamental and aquatic uses in the United States.

nufarm-logoWith Celero post-emergent herbicide, Nufarm says, lawn-care operators can manage tough sedges in a variety of cool- and warm-season turf settings, including residential and commercial turfgrass, golf courses, athletic and recreation fields, schools and sod farms.

Celero’s active ingredient – Imazosulfuron – translocates down to the roots for lasting control of Kyllinga, yellow, purple and annual sedges. With a wide application window, Celero can be applied using both broadcast and spot treatment applications.

Nufarm describes Celero’s key benefits as follows:

  • Absorbed by plants through foliage and roots.
  • Rapidly interferes with cell division, stopping the growth of sedges.
  • Plant death usually occurs within 14 to 21 days.

Burclover (California), Burweed, Chickweed (common, mouse-ear, sticky), Geranium (Carolina), Henbit, Parsley piert and Purslane (common) are among the weeds that can be controlled with Celero.

Celero is a trademark of Sumitomo Chemical Company Ltd.

Rayco introduces new teeth for mulcher heads

Rayco has introduced a new planar tooth for its Predator mulcher heads that uses a two-bolt tooth holder. Because the two-bolt mulcher teeth are two-sided, they provide twice the useful life of competitive teeth, Rayco says.

rayco-mulcher-teethThe new planar teeth (Part No. 36178) can be used on the entire rotor or mixed in with Rayco’s carbide-tipped Beaver tooth (Part No. 29015). Planar teeth are now the same weight as Beaver teeth.

“According to operators, mixing in planar teeth, especially in the center of the rotor, can significantly increase productivity when mulching large diameter material,” says J.R. Bowling of Rayco Manufacturing.

The company says its new planar teeth are made of high-strength steel and designed to quickly and cleanly slice through wood and vegetation. The result, Rayco says, is a finely mulched product in one pass.

For more information on the new product, visit Rayco’s website here.

OX Tools says ‘mix m8’ paddle spanks competition

Calling its “mix m8” mixing paddle truly revolutionary, OX tools says the new product is so dissimilar to any existing mixing paddle that it’s an entirely new breed.

A unique rabbit-ears design produces smoother mixes faster while making clean-up quicker and easier, even with the stickiest solutions, the company says.

ox-tools-mixing-paddleAccording to OX Tools, mix m8 is ideal for mixing small batches of thin sets, mortars, cement, plaster and similar materials.

Unlike traditional steel paddles, the company says, mix m8 is a highly flexible and durable non-porous plastic mixing paddle that creates a whirling motion, and its ribbed edges cut through materials while minimizing foam, bubbles, and air entrapment. The manufacturer says the helix pulls dry material into the mix, leaving it smooth and consistent.

The patented mixing system can mix up plaster or other mortar compound, including aggregates, even with a cordless drill (18v). Working well with both cordless (3/8-inch hex shaft) and corded drills (9/16-inch hex shaft), OX Tools calls it a must for job where a cordless drill is the only option.

The mix m8 makes edge-to-edge mixing easier and the smooth ends won’t tear up the bucket, the company says, noting that this design eliminates the need to stop and stir unmixed materials.

Here’s a look at the product details:

3/8-inch hex shaft

  • Length – 22½ inches
  • Blade Diameter – 7 7/8 inches
  • Weight – 1.2 pounds
  • MSRP – $42

9/16-inch threaded hex shaft

  • Length – 24 inches
  • Blade Diameter – 7 7/8 inches
  • Weight – 2 pounds
  • MSRP – $62
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