Group touts health, productivity benefits of interior plantscaping

Updated Mar 8, 2024
Bringing nature indoors comes with a number of benefits. Photo: Pinnacle VBringing nature indoors comes with a number of benefits.
Photo: Pinnacle V

Health and wellness are common focuses at the start of a new year and now Pinnacle V is highlighting how plants can help with these resolutions.

According to the National Human Activity Pattern Survey (NHAPS), on average Americans spend 87 percent of their time indoors. While you can’t move your office desks to a forest, it has been found that using live plants in the office has numerous positive benefits for employees.

Photo: Pinnacle VPhoto: Pinnacle V

Studies have found that interior plantscaping improves individuals’ cognitive ability while raising productivity by 12 percent and creativity by 6 percent.

Respiratory ailments are reduced by 20 percent and sick days declined by 60 percent in work spaces that had live plants.

Pinnacle V is working to promote the ideals of the WELL Building Standard, which is similar to the LEED standards. The Well Building Standard provides a comprehensive approach to the well-being of building inhabitants.

To spread the word about the value of indoor plants, Pinnacle V created the video “Keeping Plants in Mind.”

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