Product roundup: Morbark’s ChipSafe, polymer-coated fertilizer

Morbark’s ChipSafe Operator Safety Shield device stops the feed wheel of a chipper if an operator’s hands or feet, equipped with ChipSafe wearable accessories, go too far into the infeed chute. Photo: MorbarkMorbark’s ChipSafe Operator Safety Shield device stops the feed wheel of a chipper if an operator’s hands or feet, equipped with ChipSafe wearable accessories, go too far into the infeed chute.
Photo: Morbark

Morbark, which manufactures a variety of equipment used by tree care professionals, landscapers and growers, says ArborMAX Insurance now “provides special consideration” for tree care companies that use brush chippers equipped with Morbark’s ChipSafe Operator Safety Shield.

The discount applies to both general liability and worker’s compensation coverages.

A closer look at Morbark’s ChipSafe Operator Safety Shield.A closer look at Morbark’s ChipSafe Operator Safety Shield.

“We recognize that the ChipSafe Operator Safety device from Morbark offers operators an additional layer of protection when operating a brush chipper,” said Brian Tunge, vice president of marketing at ArborMAX Insurance. “We encourage all of our client companies to be safe by providing ongoing training, proper equipment and now by exploring the benefits of having a ChipSafe device on all their brush chippers.”

ArborMAX Insurance is the only insurance company endorsed by the Tree Care Industry Association.

“We are proud that ArborMAX Insurance has recognized the benefits of Morbark’s ChipSafe Operator Safety Shield to help protect tree care workers,” said John Foote, Morbark senior vice president. “We believe our ChipSafe device truly takes safety to the next level.”

ChipSafe is a safety option available on all new Morbark Beever Brush Chippers up to an 18-inch chipping capacity. A retrofit kit is available for older models.

Consisting of plates mounted directly to the sides of the brush chipper’s infeed chute and used in conjunction with special wrist and ankle or boot straps, the ChipSafe Operator Safety Shield stops the chipper’s feeding mechanism if the operator’s hands or feet enter the defined ChipSafe sensing zone in the infeed chute, protecting the operator from possible injury.

The chipper’s feeding mechanism is restarted with a simple swipe of the operator’s ChipSafe wrist strap across a reset box located on the outer side of the infeed chute, so high productivity is maintained.

Polyworx promises consistent nutrient delivery

Howard Fertilizer and Chemical Co., which serves lawn care companies and golf courses throughout the Southeast, says its new Polyworx line of fertilizers features the latest polymer coating technology, GAL-XeOne.

The company says Polyworx is formulated to emit a gradual and controlled release of nutrients into the soil for turfgrass and ornamentals.

Left 17 0127 Hf Polyworx Press Release Ec V1 020117Developed and owned by the J.R. Simplot Co., GAL-XeOne technology allows water to seep into the fertilizer prill, and then carries nutrients out through a semi-permeable membrane into the soil.

Depending on the amount of GAL-XeOne that is applied to the sulfate of potash or nitrogen urea, nutrient release can be tailored to fit the needs of the turf or plant, according to Howard Fertilizer and Chemical, promoting root growth and durability, enhancing plant maturity and disease resistance, and minimizing leaching.

The company says Polyworx performs effectively in a variety of weather conditions and soil types. Depending on the formulation, Howard Fertilizer and Chemical says, it can deliver nutrients for up to 18 months.

“Polyworx is the newest technology in slow-release, polymer-coated fertilizer and it’s truly the most significant product launch ever for us,” said Brian Buchanan, director of sales for the Orlando, Florida-based company.

The Polyworx line currently includes six nitrogen urea formulations and three potash formulations. Howard says the company also can create Polyworx products to meet specific needs of customers.

For more detail about the Polyworx line, visit this page on the Howard Fertilizer and Chemical Co. website.

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