NHLA and NALP partner to celebrate National Lawn Care Month

National Lawn Care Month

In celebration of National Lawn Care Month, the National Hispanic Landscape Alliance (NHLA) and the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) have partnered up to inform the public how turf grass can positively contribute to the environment, their health and their wallets.

The groups say that this initiative will also help landscape professionals educate their clients to make more informed decisions regarding lawn care.

“We are honored to come on board as a partner for National Lawn Care Month,” said Ralph Egües, executive director of the National Hispanic Landscape Alliance. “Studies have shown that most Americans aren’t aware of the many environmental and human health benefits of turf grass use including oxygen production, carbon sequestration, noise mitigation, ambient cooling and control and filtration of storm water runoff. Most also are not aware of the many varieties of turf grasses which are bred for specific uses and a wide range of climatic conditions such as high use sports fields and locations that experience long periods of heavy or little rain fall.”

Based on recent online customer surveys conducted by NALP, 78 percent of adult responders reported having a home with a lawn and/or landscaping. Sixty-nine percent indicated that their lawns could be improved, and only 44 percent of those responding reported hiring professionals to perform landscaping services.

“National Lawn Care Month is a great time to raise public awareness,” Egües said. “We encourage all landscape industry professionals to join us in highlighting not only how their work contributes to how great their customers’ properties look, but also how those properties contribute to the environment and to human health.”

Photo: NALPPhoto: NALP
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