Uniforms can help reflect your company’s professionalism

Updated Jul 9, 2021
This Arborscapes employee’s uniform helps him look more professional and also protects him from skin cancer. Photo: Patty VaughanThis Arborscapes employee’s uniform helps him look more professional and also protects him from skin cancer. Photo: Patty Vaughan

While the green industry does have a low barrier of entry and pretty much anyone with a lawn mower and trailer can run around saying they are a landscaper, there are simple ways to help your company stand out as a cut above the rest and appear more professional.

One of these basic methods is investing in company uniforms. Not only do company uniforms create a sense of brand consistency and credibility, customers will see also your employees as safer and more trustworthy rather than seeing two strangers wearing stained shirts and jeans wandering around their property.

There are several main benefits of wearing uniforms. First off, they automatically give off an immediate sense of professionalism. Customers will trust your employees more because they appear more professional and command respect.

Another bonus of employee uniforms is the marketing opportunity. Just like how having branded trucks can raise awareness of your company, having crews of uniformed employees out keeping green spaces beautiful will catch people’s attention. Having a company logo emblazoned also lets individuals know who to contact if they’re interested in reaching out to your business.

It’s usually a better idea for the company to pay for the uniforms as it shows them that you care about your employees and helps foster the concept that they are now part of the team. If some employees are being careless with their uniforms and are not keeping them in good condition, then you can require them to pay for a new one or deduct the expense from their paycheck to discourage this sort of behavior.

When it comes to deciding what the style and color uniforms will be there are a lot of factors to consider.

In order to get employees to consistently wear their uniforms you need to make sure that the material is comfortable and suitable for the type of work they will be performing. Crew members who are out in the heat all day working would do better wearing a shirt that wicks away moisture while sales members meeting clients would be better off with a button-up shirt with the logo embroidered on the pocket.

If your crews often work near busy roads, choose neon colors like bright yellow or green to make sure they stand out to oncoming traffic. Those working in more residential areas can wear colors that go along with your brand or logo. White is another good color choice for keeping cool during the summer but it is also the most likely to become dingy, so it’s important to keep these clean.

The three main shirt styles to choose from are T-shirts, polo shirts and button-up shirts and they each come with their own set of pros and cons.

T-shirts are generally the most affordable option and can be easily customized. They are lightweight and comfortable so employees can wear long-sleeve versions without worrying about getting too hot. Long-sleeves serve as the best protection against skin cancer.

The downside of T-shirts is that they look less professional than the other options and the design can wear off over time if it is printed or ironed on.

Polo shirts look very professional and can be good for those serving wealthier areas, but they are also more expensive. It is also important to select the right fabric or they can become very hot.

Button-ups offer the best of both worlds by appearing both professional while protecting employees from sunburns, but they can be expensive. Buttons can get lost and not all crew members may want to wear this style while working in the field so take that into consideration.

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