Product roundup: Ditch Witch introduces microtrencher attachment

The MT9 microtrencher attachment can work with mini skid steer units. Photo: Ditch WitchThe MT9 microtrencher attachment can work with mini skid steer units.
Photo: Ditch Witch

The new MT9 microtrencher attachment from Ditch Witch is designed to work with the Ditch Witch line of mini skid steers for tight and confined jobsites like street crossings.

The mircotrencher can create shallow trenches up to 9 inches deep and 0.375 to 1.5 inches wide, allowing it to minimize ground disruption. A patented blade plunge allows the user to have infinite variable depth control.

“Traditional fiber-installation methods lack the speed and efficiency to be cost-effective for contractors in many residential areas,” said Steve Seabolt, Ditch Witch product manager for heavy duty tractors. “Our new MT9 minimizes the space required to operate, avoiding hurdles found in confined, tight and urban jobsites.”

Designed for residential areas, the microtrencher can be pushed or pulled, creating more accurate cuts and eliminating the need to realign during a cut, creating a better-looking finish.

The MT9 works with the FX65 vacuum excavator to help clean the trench in one pass. It also uses the PDC Fiberblade that uses diamond embedded carbide, which allows it to last 20 times longer than standard blades.

The MT9 is just the latest addition to Ditch Witch’s selection of microtrenching tools, including the MT12, MT16, FX65 and 1CM concrete mixer.

For more information about the MT9, click here.

BKT releases special tire lineup for forestry work

India-based tire manufacturer BKT specializes in off-highway tires and is now offering four distinct forestry product lines.
In order to meet the challenges of diverse forestry applications including muddy terrain and trunks or splinters that may damage the tires, BKT focused on incorporating strength, resistance, load capacity and stability to its new lineup.

Forestech, FS 216, TR 678 and F 240 all share serious resistance, which lessens the amount of replacements and machine downtime.

Forestech tire Photo: BKTForestech tire
Photo: BKT

Forestech has a reinforced shoulder area for high puncture resistance and it comes with good traction designed for uneven terrain. It comes in three different sizes: 600/55 – 26.5, 710/45 – 26.5 and 750/55 – 26.5. For more information on this tire, click here.

The FS 216 has cut and tear resistance, a reinforced tread and high puncture resistance as well. It can handle high load capacities and boasts of self-cleaning properties. Customers can choose from steel-belted or aramid-belted versions and have eight different size choices: 18.4 – 26, 23.1 – 26; 28L – 26, 18.4 – 30, 24.5 – 32, 30.5L – 32, DH 35.5L – 32 and 18.4 – 34. Click here for more information.

Designed for forestry harvesters, the TR 678 is versatile enough for excavation operations and also has self-cleaning properties. The two sizes available are 600/65 – 34 and 700/55 – 34. For more information, click here.

The fourth tire in the forestry product line up is the F 240 which the company says has excellent traction and maneuverability. The tread has an extended product life-cycle and the larger footprint increases stability. It comes in two sizes of 18 – 15.5 and 400 – 15.5. Click here for more information.

Earth & Turf Attachments announces new mounting bracket

Forestech tire Photo: BKTForestech tire
Photo: BKT

Earth & Turf Attachments has a new mounting bracket for its SC-Series, 60-inch snow plows with 19.5-inch high moldboard.

It is designed to fit Kubota BX-Series tractors. Its features include:

  • Manual angling – 30 degrees left and right
  • Protective spring trip that can be locked out for light grading
  • Bolt-on, reversible edges
  • Optional skid shoes

For more information, click here.

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